Master-planning and Public Works
Year of Completion
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
Work Scope
Full Architectural Services

The third and largest of its kind in Singapore, the Seletar Earth Station is primarily intended to accommodate equipment and staff of Singapore Telecommunications Pte Ltd. It is able to accommodate up to eight satellite dish antennas on site. A sandstone wall that runs the length of the building visually defines public and private zones. On the front side of this wall at ground level is the lobby, with a naturally ventilated public terrace on the upper floor, while the main equipment room, offices and M&E plant are located at the rear.

Aesthetically, this sandstone wall serves to articulate the space usage, while visible vertical circulation elements are visually augmented with dashes of strong yellow. The blue gantry sailing above the roof is not merely decorative; it is also a platform to accommodate between six to eight microwave dishes. Both the angle of this gantry and the building itself are dictated by the orientation required in the placement of the satellite antennas and microwave dishes.