Ferry Terminals and Water
Year of Completion
Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd
Work Scope
Full Architectural Services

The single-storey building of the regional Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal required upgrading to meet increasing passenger traffic, and improve efficiency of operations and passenger flow. The layout was redesigned to create a central lobby up front where arriving and departing passengers converge. The lobby has been designed to hold large groups of passengers, especially on weekends. One side provides space for ferry operators, increasing convenience for the passengers and improving service by the operators.

A light-coloured theme was selected for the lobby. The ceiling and floor finishes were chosen to achieve a clean look and an airy feel. The same colour scheme was carried through to the upgraded departure hall, resulting in a bright and warm feeling that tremendously improved the ambience. A similar colour scheme was also used for the arrival hall, exuding a more welcoming feel for arriving passengers.

The VIP lounge was upgraded for a more modern and stylish look. New wall-covering and carpeting helped to transform the dated space into one that is modern yet elegant, and usually caters to dignitaries. The public toilets were also upgraded to improve passenger comfort and convenience. Materials were selected to achieve a look that is modern, yet easy to maintain. A new drop-off shelter was added on the outside. Minimal work was carried out on the building’s exterior with a new colour, refreshing its façade.